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Invited Speakers

Machine Learning Techniques for Next-generation Optical Communication Systems Darko Zibar, PhD Technical University of Denmark Lyngby, Denmark Abstract Recently, there has been an increasing amount of research focused on the application of machine learning techniques to optical communication and photonics. These applications have varied from component characterization, ultra-sensitive optical phase detection, performance prediction and system optimization, and more recently, within the field of quantum communication and optical fibre sensing. In this talk, a brief overview of the application of machine learning in optical communication will be given. Then, techniques from Bayesian machine learning and digital coherent detection will be presented on how to perform ultra-sensitive, and optimum in a statistical […]

Keynote speakers

Evolving 5G for the next decade Szabolcs Malomsoky, PhD Head of Ericsson Research Budapest Hungary Abstract 5G networks are emerging all across the globe. Mobile broadband services are being significantly improved enabling even richer experiences compared to today’s smartphone apps. Moreover, new applications of mobile networks are being invented related to e.g. the manufacturing and automotive industries. These require a networking and compute infrastructure which can provide ultra-low latency and high reliability. 5G and its future evolution is a digital infrastructure for industrial and societal transformation. In this talk I highlight new enabling technologies including research results from the Research Lab I’m heading.               […]

Timetable and Program

Final conference program and timetable are available at the link!